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Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics Gdańsk University of Technology 11/12 Naturowicza St, 80-233 Gdańsk

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Scholarship in QUNNA Project

„Nanosensorics and imaging utilizing quantum effects – the synergy of glass and diamond for applications in the new generation of biodiagnostics”

The project is implemented as part of the TEAM NET program of the Foundation for Polish Science.

The project entails the research of new materials, elements and photonic systems in which implanted colour centres or crystal diamond defects with specific magnetic and optical properties will be used. It will enable applications in socially important areas, e.g. the development of super-sensitive cancer cell detection and nano-labeling of biological substances.

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We are willing to consider competent people as candidates for PhDs in the Diamondized Electronics Group. If you like diamond challenges and have degree in Electronics, Physics or Material Science, please contact us.

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