PhD Student


Krzysztof Jerzy Pyrchla (born in 1995) is an alumnus of the Gdansk University of Technology. He graduated Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, receiving an engineering degree. He received an M.Sc. Degree at Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science. Before studies, he worked on the topic of rapid bathymetry estimation using aerial photography. The results were presented in the journal from the Journal Citation Reports list. During the engineering studies, he took part in research projects connected with geodetic precision positioning. The result of this work was the publication of conference papers during BGC (Baltic Geodetic Congress) 2016, 2017 and 2018. He took part in four research projects financed by NCN and NCBiR. During one of them, he worked at the technology of collecting and processing of gravimetric data. As part of the research projects implementations, he was responsible for data processing and numeric simulations. His current research domain is a simulation of the optoelectrical properties of materials. He prepares models of diamond and phosphorene nanostructures. For his work, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the year 2018. Currently manages the project “Research on the strain effect for the optoelectronic properties of phosphorene nanostructure with the application of quantum mechanics methods” in the “Diamond Grant” framework.