PhD Student


Łukasz Macewicz received his M.Sc. in Nanotechnology with honors from Gdańsk University of Technology in 2016. In years 2015-2016 he has been actively involved with the department of physical aspects of ecoenergy in the institute of fluid-flow machinery of the polish academy of sciences researching surface modifications of titania nanotubes. In 2017 Łukasz became a PhD student at the department of metrology and optoelectronics. During his academic career, he has been gaining experience in the deposition and characterization of thin semiconductor layers such as diamond layers and nanotubes using CVD and PA CVD methods. In years 2017-2019, a member of the scientific project on two-dimensional electronic material – phosphorene, responsible for the synthesis of phosphorene nanostructures and studying their interactions with biological systems. Łukasz is a scholarship holder of the POWER Program “Development of the Interdisciplinary Program of Doctoral Studies with an international dimension”. In 2019 Łukasz travelled to University of Louisville in Kentuchy for a 6-month long internship, gaining experience in synthesis of phosphorene nanostructures using CVT method. Currently, he is working on arsenic-phosphorenenanostructures and their electrochemical, physical and optical performance.