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Sanju Gupta is a recognized expert in the field of experimental condensed-matter materials physics, encompassing technologically relevant functional and opto-electronic materials, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry, and chemical physics with a brief stint in protein biophysics. Currently, she is a faculty at Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) under Nobelium IDUB Award in the Department of Metrology and Optoelectronics focusing on development of “artificial” synapses based on sp3C/sp2C heterojunction as opto-neuromorphic devices and laser-induced graphene (LIG) for energy and sensing applications. She is also a visiting research professor in the department of physics and was a research professor in the department of materials science and engineering at the Pennsylvania State University (USA), where she worked on various projects namely, amorphous/crystalline oxides forming two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) and their transport properties, ferroelectric thin films for microelectronics thermal management and semiconducting zinc oxides (ZnO) for UV and methane gas sensing. Gupta has also developed insights into the role of topology and geometry in materials science and how they affect physical-chemical properties resulting in co-editing a book (April 2018). She has a deep professional and personal experience in research and mentoring in higher education for more than two decades, while holding faculty position as an associate professor of physics (w/materials science) at Western Kentucky University, University of Central Florida (USA), University of Missouri, and other organizations in the USA. Dr. Gupta received B.S. (Honors) Physics, M.S. Physics, M. Tech. Laser Technology, and Ph.D. Chemical Physics (w/Solid-State Physics specialization) focusing on the HFCVD and MWCVD synthesized Diamond Thin Films with sulfur and nitrogen doping for Vacuum Microelectronics and optical applications. During her postdoc at Cambridge University (UK), North Carolina State University (USA), and University of Pennsylvania (USA), she worked on in-situ Raman spectro-electrochemistry of carbon nanotubes actuators for charge transfer dynamics and energy storage, synthesis and field emission imaging of carbon nanotubes (single/double/ multiwalled), and protein structure, function, and conformational states under applied transmembrane potential using X-ray and neutron scattering at solid/liquid interface, respectively. Since then, she continued to work on a range of frontier carbons including layered graphene, aerogels, and TMDC (MoS2) encompassing fundamental science and diverse technologies at the grand challenges of energy-water-sensing nexus. Dr. Gupta has published more than 170 scientific peer-reviewed publications, delivered >75 invited talks and seminars, > 300 conference presentations worldwide and 2 patents, and organized several conferences. She has served on various granting agencies as panelist, journal editorial board, reviewer for over 25 journals, as conference symposium chair, and currently serving as Guest Editor with Scientific Reports for special Graphene Collections. Her works were recognized and featured on the two covers of AIP journal (e.g., Journal of Applied Physics, 2023). In recognition of her contributions in materials physics and applications, she has been recipient of NSF, DoE, NIH, EPSRC, and JSPS fellowships, faculty research creativity award, national level faculty mentor award toward STEM education (Physics Division) and KY State level 2D materials research and innovations award.


Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
11/12 Naturowicza St, 80-233 Gdańsk (Poland)

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