Gdańsk University of Technology

Prof. Robert Bogdanowicz – NATO Country Project Director 

email: robbogda[@]

Gdańsk Tech responsible for LiG fabrication and modification by diamond particles. Detection of hazardous species.

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

dr Adriana Rathner – Partner Country Project Director 

email: adriana.rathner[@]

JKU responsible for Selectivity of the LiG sensors – i.e. achieved by protein receptors.

Ohio State University

Prof. Marc Bockrath – Co-Director

email: bockrath.31[@]

OSU responsible for Charge transport, as well as their mechanical and electrical properties under stress and ageing.

California Institute of Technology

Prof. William A. Goddard – Co-Director

email: wag[@]

CALTECH responsible for Simulation of interactions LiG-receptor-target.

Military University of Technology

Prof. Jacek Wojtas – Co-Director

email: jacek.wojtas[@]

WAT responsible for Analysis studied biological and chemical samples, readout system and reference methods

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice

Prof. Vitezslav Stranak – Co-Director

email: stranak[@]

USB responsible for Deposition of polyimide films

SensDx Ltd. 

Dr Dawid Nidzworski – End User

email: dawid[@]

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