Workstation no. 4 – Ultrasonication


The ultrasonic homogenizer (Sonopuls HD 4200, Bandelin) is used for disaggregation of the diamond particles with high-performance, 20kHz ultrasound. The process may be assisted with an abrasive (most commonly ceramic microbeads, e.g. zirconium dioxide), or the diamond particles may be allowed to be crushed only as a result of collisions between themselves. Depending on the choice of the solvent and additional, chemically active compounds, the process of decreasing the size of the diamond particles may be paired with their functionalization.

The refrigerated – heating circulator (CORIO CP-200F, Julabo) is used to control the temperature throughout disaggregation of the diamond particles. Avoids the effect of overheating and excessive evaporation of the solvent.

The price is for one hour of operational and do not including materials.



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