Workstation no. 2 – Preliminary preparation of samples


The ultrasonic bath (Sonic-3, Polsonic) is used for homogenising suspensions of diamond particles which are not intended to be crushed using high-power ultrasound. The device is also useful in cleaning and disinfecting laboratory glassware.

The digital vortex mixer (TX4, Velp Scientifica) enables to stir suspensions placed in test-tubes with a speed up to 3000 rpm, and is meant to redisperse particles that have precipitated over time. The centrifuge (MPW-201, Mechanika Precyzyjna) enables to deliberately cause complete or partial precipitation of the diamond particles suspended in the liquids in order to remove/replace the solvent or to take away the particles with the large sizes from the suspensions.

The price is for one hour of operational and do not including materials.



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